Departmental Compliance

Since the 2017-18 compliance period, the Commission has undertaken an approach to compliance in which members of the secretariat audit each regulated department, inspecting both recruitment campaigns and appointments made by exception.

Previous audits were conducted in person, however, as Covid-19 pandemic restrictions meant that this was no longer possible, the Commission conducted audits remotely during 2019-20. This approach continued in 2020-21. The Commission is content that this approach, which the secretariat is experienced in and well equipped for, ensured the required standard of regulatory oversight.

Further details on this and on this year's approach to compliance can be found in our 
Annual Report and Accounts 2020-21 (PDF, 2.4MB, 100 pages).

At the end of the year, we assess organisations as either Good, Fair, or Poor, and give each organisation a forward trajectory. The table below sets out the risk ratings given to all the Civil Service departments and agencies for 2020-21, together with breaches identified for those organisations. 

We also publish an FAQs document (PDF, 22 pages) for departments, which provides guidance on various recruitment issues we have identified throughout the year.
Last year’s rating and trajectory table can be found by clicking here (PDF, 2 pages, 32KB).  
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