Responses to Freedom of Information requests 2018-19

Month Question Answer
April Requested the number of civil servants suspended for misconduct between 1/4/2014 and 1/4/2018, along with subsequent numbers reinstated Information not held
The number of senior civil servants (SCS) re-appointed under exceptions 4 or 5 of the Recruitment Principles, in the last 5 years Some information held; provided the number of individuals (all grades) appointed under exception 5, and total number of SCS appointed under any exception to the Civil Service each year
Details of complaints received from civil servants employed by HMRC relating to discrimination on the grounds of disability Information not held; directed to information relating to Civil Service Code complaints
Request for details of staff pay and benefits, with a breakdown of employees earning over £100k since 2010 Information provided (breakdown of payments given in £5k bands, in accordance with government reporting guidelines)
May Information regarding attempted cyber attacks made upon the organisation in the last 3 years Information not held
Request for records of the Civil Service Commission having ruled on health and safety and ethical implications of life long ostracisation orders, particularly when applied to the vulnerable or psychiatrically injured Information not held
June Details of dismissals appealed to the Civil Service Commission and methodologies used to determine those appeals Information not held; details of the role and remit of the Civil Service Commission provided
Details of travel and external room hire costs incurred by the Civil Service in the last year Information (in relation to Civil Service Commission secretariat only) provided
Information regarding FCO compliance with the Recruitment Principles and whether the Commission has audited or investigated FCO Information regarding compliance process provided.Some information withheld under S.21, S.36 and S.40
Details of financial accounting software used Information not held
July Request for details relating to a project involving the Forestry Commission regarding an osprey nest in Cumbria Information not held
Request for details of policy relating to temporary promotion of employees in Ofsted Information not held
Information relating to appointees under the ‘London Bridge Assistant Immigration Officer (Pathway) programme’ since December 2017 Information not held
Details of reserve lists held for HMRC caseworker roles in Manchester and Salford Information not held
Information regarding electoral fraud in local and general elections held since 2016 Information not held
August Information regarding mobile and fixed telephony Information not held
Request regarding information security Information not held
Request regarding information technology Information not held
Details of spend data; all transactions over £25k Directed to annual accounts and to transparency data published by Cabinet Office (encompassing Civil Service Commission)
September No requests received
October Details regarding pay and conditions Information not held
Details relating to cost of ‘Common Purpose’ training courses Information not held
Details of programmes accredited under exception 2 of the Recruitment Principles Information provided, with some data redacted under S.40
November Request for addresses of Probation Service head office and Kent area office Information not held but sourced online and provided to requester
December Information relating to the installation of a speed camera, and a copy of the Civil Service Code Copy of CS Code sent.Information re: camera not held
January Percentage of civil servants born within Greater London Information not held
Details of Civil Service Learning data and analytics course Information not held
Number of employees by age (under 16, 16-18 and 18+) Information provided (in respect of CSC secretariat)
Number of permanent Civil Service job vacancies advertised externally in 2018; of these how many were filled by existing civil servants (grouped by salary bands) Information not held. Directed requester to some information already in the public domain
February Information relating to IT systems used by the organisation Information not held
Information relating to IT procurement Information not held
Information regarding Civil Service Code (diversity of complainants, subsequent detriment, and effectiveness of nominated officer network) Information not recorded
Details of standardisation and moderation of application form sifting Information not held
Number of civil servants appointed over the age of 60 Information not held
March Information related to a recruitment complaint, requesting all correspondence between CSC and the department Information provided; personal information redacted
Details of historic vetting practices by GCHQ Information not held
Details of FCO policy around homosexuality and Developed Vetting (1989-1991) Information not held
Request unclear; appeared to relate an Indian public service HR matter Clarification sought; no response received
Details of FCO Graduate Internship Programme 2019 Information not held
Information about promotions within Civil Service Information not held
Requested copies of ‘Civil Service Disciplinary Code’ and ‘Civil Service Disciplinary Handbook’Asked whether receiving a written warning would impact chances of promotion Copy of CS Code provided and requester directed to CS Management Code.Not able to comment on chances of promotion following a written warning.
Number of complaints received about civil servants in matters relating to infected blood Information provided (no complaints received)
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