Outcome of Recruitment Complaints to the Commission

This section provides details of Recruitment Principles complaints brought to the Commission since financial year 2013-14.

Our work on hearing complaints is reported in the Commission’s Annual Report and Accounts. The links for 2013-14 below, and the links for earlier years, lead to the Annual Reports for those years. Links for subsequent years lead to a table with details of complaints received in that year, with the outcomes.

Where there was a complete investigation by the Commission there is a link to the decision notice produced at the end of the investigation.
2019 – 20 Recruitment Principles Complaints
2018 – 19 Recruitment Principles Complaints 
2017-18 Recruitment Principles Complaints2016-17 Recruitment Principles Complaints 
2015-16 Recruitment Principles Complaints2014-15 Recruitment Principles Complaints
2013-14 Annual Report and Accounts (PDF, 64 pages, 718KB; see page 25 for Recruitment Principles complaints)
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