Interim First Civil Service Commissioner- Rosie Glazebrook

Rosie Glazebrook has been appointed as the interim First Civil Service Commissioner while the Cabinet Office completes the appointment process for Ian Watmore’s successor.

The First Civil Service Commissioner leads the Civil Service Commission, which regulates appointments to the Civil Service and hears appeals from civil servants under the Civil Service Code. The First Commissioner also chairs the recruitment panels for Permanent Secretary posts.

Ian Watmore’s 5-year term ends on 30 September 2021.

Rosie Glazebrook has been a Civil Service Commissioner since 2017. She currently chairs the Copyright Licensing Agency and its associated company Publishers’ Licensing Services. She is also a Council Member of the General Optical Council and chairs a NHS Research Ethics Committee and a Member of BSI’s Standards Policy and Strategy Committee. Her previous Board/Non-Executive Director positions include the Food Standards Agency and in NHS, regulatory and commissioning bodies. Rosie previously held commercial positions in the private sector in media, publishing and health data organisations. 

The deadline for applications for the post of First Civil Service Commissioner closed on 13 September and an announcement will be made by the Cabinet Office in due course, following cross party consultation. The preferred candidate for First Commissioner is also subject to pre-appointment scrutiny by the House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee. 

Watch a short film about the work of the Commission

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