Civil Service Commissioners

We are appointed by Her Majesty the Queen on the recommendation of the Minister for the Civil Service.
We are recruited on merit following public advertisement and a fair and open selection competition. From our different careers and interests, we bring experience of public, private and voluntary sectors and a clear and independent perspective. This helps us to support a Civil Service that is effective, politically impartial, and that builds upon its core values to meet the challenges of today and of tomorrow.

Our Code of Practice (PDF, 5 pages, 161KB) sets out the standards of conduct we observe. We record our private interests which might influence our judgement, or which could be perceived to do so, in a Register of Interests (PDF, 6 pages, 102KB).

There are currently 11 Commissioners.
Ian Watmore
Jan Cameron
Isabel Doverty
Sarah Laessig
Kevin Woods
Rosie Glazebrook
Natalie Campbell
June Milligan
Joe Montgomery
Jane Burgess
Margaret Edwards
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