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Revised version of the Recruitment Principles issued (1 April 2012)

The Recruitment Principles were first introduced in April 2009 to replace the longer and more detailed Civil Service Commissioners’ Recruitment Code.

The Recruitment Principles requested a further significant step away from detailed prescription of processes towards principles based regulation.  The Civil Service Commissioners committed to review the Principles within a couple of years of them coming into effect. The review was undertaken in late 2011, early 2012, and as a result revised Recruitment Principles were issued in April 2012.  The changes were mostly of a technical nature in light of the Commission’s experience, or on legal advice, or for clarification at the request of HR Directors.

 A Q&A was issued in April 2012 to explain the changes in the revised Recruitment Principles.

Recruitment Principles

Recruitment Principles – Questions and Answers

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