Civil Service Commission


Civil Service Commission publishes its annual report for 2015-16 (20 July 2016)

Exceptions Review Published (4 July 2016)

Appointment of Kathryn Bishop as the interim First Civil Service Commissioner (1 April 2016)

CSC to hold virtual Open Week from 7 to 11 December (9 November 2015)

Government launches competition to recruit new First Civil Service Commissioner (9 November 2015)

David Normington, First Civil Service Commissioner, speaks at the Westminster Abbey Institute Autumn Lecture Series (4 November 2015)

Appointment of four new Civil Service Commissioners (25 September 2015)

Evidence to the OCPA Review (21 September 2015)

Civil Service Commission Annual Report and Accounts Published (20 July 2015)

Commission recruiting four new Commissioners (3 July 2015)

Public Administration Select Committee publishes report on Civil Service impartiality during referendums (26 March 2015)

Commission responds to GovernUp reports (6 March 2015)

Virtual Open Week (23 February 2015)

Triennial Review of the Commission published (13 February 2015)

The Commission has published revised Recruitment Principles (1 December 2014)

Prime Minister to be given choice of appointable candidates in Head of Department competitions (15 October 2014)

Triennial Review of the Civil Service Commission (29 July 2014)

Civil Service Senior Leadership Changes (15 July 2014)

Civil Service Commission Annual Report and Accounts published (25 June 2014)

Responses to the Public Consultation on the Recruitment Principles (11 April 2014)

Commission Publishes new Recruitment Principles (11 April 2014)

First Civil Service Commissioner gives evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) on the work of the Commission (17 February 2014)

Commission to hold virtual 'Open Week' 24 - 28 February 2014 (13 February 2014)

Review of Fast Stream Recruitment and Selection (7 February 2014)

Public Consultation on the Commission's Recruitment Principles (13 January 2014)

Recruitment to Extended Ministerial Offices (15 October 2013)

Civil Service Commission Annual Report and Accounts 2012-13 published (16 July 2013)

Appointment of Andrew Flanagan as Civil Service Commissioner (8 April 2013)

Civil Service Commission to hold virtual 'Open Week' 18-22 March (4 March 2013)

David Normington gives evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) as part of its inquiry into the future of the Civil Service (13 February 2013)

David Normington speaks at IFG seminar on the appointment of Permanent Secretaries (28 January 2013)

Sir David Normington's letter to The Times on Permanent Secretary recruitment (18 January 2013)

Compliance Monitoring Contract Awarded to KPMG (17 December 2012)

Civil Service Commission responds to proposals in the Civil Service Reform Plan (10 December 2012)

Recruitment of Scottish Commissioner (10 December 2012)

Appointment of new Chief Executive for Civil Service Commission (23 November 2012)

Civil Service Commission Annual Report 2011-12 published (12 July 2012)

The Commission has submitted evidence to the Public Administration Select Commitee (May 2012) and the Constitutional Committee of the House of Lords (June 2012)

Sir David Normington's letter to the Times on Civil Service Reform (21 June 2012)

Statement on Civil Service Reform Plan (19 June 2012)

Revised version of the Recruitment Principles issued (1 April 2012)

Appointment of Jonathan Baume as Civil Service Commissioner

Appointment of new Civil Service Commissioners (December 2011)