Civil Service Commissioner Jane Burgess has recorded a very short zoom presentation on how ministers can and should be involved in recruitment to the Civil Service, in line with the Commission’s Recruitment Principles.

“I hope this helps to explain how ministers can be involved in a fair, open and merit-based process under the Recruitment Principles.”

“It’s really important to find out whether the minister wishes to take an interest in the appointment at the outset so that the minister can be involved properly and there is sufficient time allowed for that during the process.”

Watch Jane's short presentation below:

On 15th January the Commission held an online session with over 100 recruitment managers and team leaders across the Civil Service on working with the Recruitment Principles.

The Commission's Recruitment Principles document is the key source for departments and agencies making appointments. They set out the Commission's interpretation of the statutory requirement of appointment on merit on the basis of fair and open competition. 

The Principles also outline the circumstances in which appointments may be made as exceptions to the merit requirement.

The Principles are intentionally high level. It is for departments and agencies to develop and apply recruitment processes that best meet their business needs, while following the Principles.

The online session included a short presentation from Commissioners Jane Burgess and Rosie Glazebrook, followed by Q and A. 

Jane Burgess said: ‘I’d really like to thank all those who attended; it was great to have over 100 participants. We want to demystify the role of the Commission and help Civil Service recruiting managers and team leaders feel more confident about developing innovative campaigns that maintain the important principle of appointment on merit after a fair and open competition.“

Rosie Glazebrook said: “There were some great questions from participants. I hope everyone who attended found the session useful and informative. We’ll be running another session later this year but in the meantime our staff are always happy to help with any queries about working with the Principles.”

If you would like to know more about the Recruitment Principles or you are interested in attending a future event, please email us:

Please watch the full recording of the event below:

The Corporate Services team held an online training session on 19th January for all staff on the use of social media. Like all civil servants, Commission staff are expected to adhere to a code which mirrors the Civil Service Code – both online and offline (for further information on Commission guidance visit the links below).

Maggie O’Boyle press officer for the Civil Service Commission opened the session with some guidance around using social media in a professional capacity, highlighting that social media is like any public forum and the same considerations apply as would to writing something or speaking, even in a personal capacity outside of work.

In the training session; Ben Fritter, Nicola Carpenter and Richard Webb took the team through the Civil Service Guidance, while also highlighting key messages and concerns around cyber security and the use of social media.

Pete Lawrence, Chief Executive of the Commission, said:

"It is important every member of staff understands what is expected of them and to recognise that even where your account says things like ‘tweeting in a personal capacity’, it does not absolve you of the requirement to follow the Code. The Code values of honesty, impartiality, integrity and objectivity apply online and offline."

For further information about the session, please visit the links below. 

Download the Commission Slides: 

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Link to guidance: 

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