Civil Service Commission

I have not yet raised my concern within the Department

Before the Civil Service Commission can hear a complaint under the Civil Service Code, we normally expect the concerns to be raised and investigated within the Department concerned.

Normally, you should raise your concerns by talking to your Line Manager or someone else in the Line Management chain.  If this is difficult, you can raise the matter with one of your Department’s Nominated Officers.  Each Department should appointed Nominated Officer(s) who are trained to advise staff on matters related to the Civil Service Code.  If you cannot locate your Nominated Officer, please contact HR for advice.

If, having raised the matter within your Department, you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation, you may refer the matter to the Civil Service Commission.

Please note, there are some circumstances where the Commission may take a complaint directly.  This may be because: 

  • Managers above the civil servant are involved in the concern
  • The Permanent Secretary or Chief Executive are involved in the concern
  • The issue is critical, urgent and serious 

Please read our guidance for further information:

Civil Service Code – A guide to bringing a complaint to the Civil Service Commission


If you remain uncertain how to proceed, please contact us and we will discuss the matter with you.

Civil Service Commission
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