Civil Service Commission

Triennial Review

Triennial Review 2014-15

In July 2014 the Government announced a Triennial Review of the Civil Service Commission. It is Government policy for all Non-Departmental Public Bodies to be reviewed every three years. In the Commission’s case, the published terms of reference said that the Triennial Review should swiftly verify that the need for the Commission, as set out in the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010, remains. The Review should then look at whether the Commission’s remit should be amended or extended.

Sir Gerry Grimstone was asked by the Government to carry out the review. He consulted widely, and the Commission submitted its own submission to the review team. The report of the review ‘A Better Civil Service’ was published in February 2015. The Commission is in discussion with the Government about how the recommendations in the report can be taken forward.

Guidance on the conduct of Triennial Reviews

Terms of Reference for the Triennial Review of the Civil Service Commission

Civil Service Commission’s submission to Triennial Review team

Report of Triennial Review of the Civil Service Commission

Commission’s response to the Triennial Review – 29th July 2015