Civil Service Commission

Revisions to Commission's Recruitment Principles (29 March 2018)

Following a public consultation, the Civil Service Commission has published a revised version of its Recruitment Principles to be effective from 1 April 2018.  This is not a wholesale revision. There is however a much greater emphasis on Departments’ efforts to attract strong and diverse fields of candidates for their advertised vacancies.

The most significant changes are designed to allow the Commission to more easily support government employment initiatives to provide work opportunities for a range of disadvantaged groups, through a revised Exception 2.

There is also a new Exception 4 to allow departments to appoint people with highly specialist skills for up to two years. The original proposal was that use of this Exception would in every case require the prior approval of the Commission. Following the public consultation the Commission has decided to apply the same delegations to this Exception as apply to those governing temporary appointments and secondments: Departments have the delegated authority to appoint under this Exception for up to two years to posts graded under SCS2, and at all grades, where the salary is under the floor of the SCS2 pay range (currently £88,000).

We have also taken this opportunity to better align the Recruitment Principles with the Commission’s strategic priorities, and to provide clarity on a number of points where feedback has indicated this might be welcome.

In the Press Release  accompanying the revised Recruitment Principles Ian Watmore the First Civil Service Commissioner says: “The Commission wants to play its part in helping to build a brilliant Civil Service, which is representative of the society it serves and with the skills it needs to meet the huge challenges the country faces.’

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