Civil Service Commission

First Civil Service Commissioner gives evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) on the work of the Commission (17 February 2014)

The First Civil Service Commissioner David Normington appeared before the Public Administration Select Committee on 12 February to discuss the work of the Commission. The recording of the appearance is now available to watch on Parliament’s website at: 

He was also questioned on certain aspects of his other role as Commissioner for Public Appointments.

The questioning ranged quite widely. The Chair started by asking how he combined his two roles, as First Civil Service Commissioner and Commissioner for Public Appointments. David explained the similarities and the difference between the two regimes, and the importance of recruitment on merit to both.

Questioning then moved to the Commission’s Recruitment Principles Consultation and covered the aim of the consultation, the proposals on Permanent Secretary appointments, and the incorporation into the Recruitment Principles of the Commission’s recently published exception for Extended Ministerial Offices.

There was a discussion on Civil Service skills and training, a subject on which the First Commissioner had provided an evidence paper to PASC last year as part of its inquiry into the future of the Civil Service.

Questions on the Civil Service Code mostly focussed on whether the Commission should remain restricted to only being able to investigate complaints from civil servants, or should an MP or a member of the public also be able to raise a concern.

There was a discussion on recruitment and promotion of women in the Civil Service and of women and public appointments. 

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