Civil Service Commission

Civil Service Commission responds to proposals in the Civil Service Reform Plan (10 December 2012)

The Commission has published two explanatory notes in response to proposals in the Civil Service Reform Plan, published by the Government in June 2012.

The first note, Recruiting Permanent Secretaries: Ministerial involvement, relates to a proposal in the Reform Plan that Secretaries of State should have greater involvement in the appointment of Permanent Secretaries.

The second note, Appointment to Senior Roles in the Civil Service by the use of Exceptions, relates to a proposal that Ministers should be able to ask their Permanent Secretaries to appoint a small number of senior officials for specified and time-limited executive management roles, where there is an urgent need and it is not practical to run a full competition.

The Commission has also released a Press Notice, plus a Q and A Briefing on Ministerial Appointments.

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