Civil Service Commission

'Internal Plus' Competitions

Departments sometimes run recruitment competitions that are not fully ‘open’ as described in the Civil Service Commission’s Recruitment Principles: they are essentially internal competitions, but also permit applications from certain identified groups from outside the Civil Service, such as the police. We have called these ‘Internal Plus’ competitions.

Internal Plus competitions also cover competitions which are open to those parts of the Civil Service of the state that are not covered by the Recruitment Principles: the Security Services and the Northern Ireland Civil Service.

We are aware that there is some confusion, as how successful external applicants recruited through Internal Plus competitions should be recorded for Compliance Monitoring purposes. The Commission has therefore produced this guidance note (PDF, 3 pages, 31KB) on recording the outcome of an Internal Plus competition to help Departments.

If Departments are planning to run an Internal Plus competition at SCS pay band 2 or above, or are likely to award a salary above the floor of SCS pay band 2 (£90,500 at December 2018), they are strongly advised to seek the Commission’s prior approval to make an appointment by exception if a non-civil-servant is successful in the competition. The Internal Plus Competition Information Template outlines the information that the Commission will require.