Civil Service Commission

The role of the Nominated Officer

Nominated Officers are appointed to:

• advise staff on the interpretation of the Civil Service Code
• advise on steps that might be taken to resolve a concern relating to the Code
• advise on how to take such a concern forward through the departmental procedures
• act as an impartial intermediary between any individual raising a concern and other parties
• to advise on the procedure for complaining to the Civil Service Commission

In most cases it should be possible to resolve concerns through the management line. However, having Nominated Officers outside the management line available to give advice ensures that there are people who can be approached in confidence.

Nominated Officers’ responsibilities cover only Civil Service Code issues. They do not extend to involvement in personnel management grievances and disagreements about the merits of policy or management decisions. There will be alternative channels within the department for pursuing such matters.

The Propriety and Ethics team in the Cabinet Office have the policy lead on the Civil Service Code and the Nominated Officer Network. In 2006, they drafted a role specification for a Nominated Officer.