Civil Service Commission

Complaints raised under the Code

Examples of Civil Service Code concerns raised within Departments

The following examples are concerns that have been raised under the Civil Service Code and determined within Departments. These cases were not referred to the Civil Service Commission. Cases that were referred to and determined by the Commission can be found elsewhere on this website. In all instances these were civil servants raising concern about the behaviour of other civil servants

• Officer retained a valuable car park pass that belonged to someone else and used it for a number of years.

• Cases being closed down early in a suspicious manner and all paper and electronic files ‘have gone missing’.

• A business being run on the side, regular transactions taking place in the office.

• Work internet being used to purchase cigarettes from abroad which were then sold around the office.

• Colleague taking drugs at work, friendly with manager and no action taken.

• Use of office paper to obtain a loan from a building society, possibly using a false name.

• Unreported loss of confidential material.