Civil Service Commission

External Competition Recruitment - I Have Complained to the Department

Before you submit your complaint, please read the Commission’s guidance:

Recruitment Principles – A guide to bringing a complaint to the Civil Service Commission

You can now ask for the Civil Service Commission to consider your complaint.  You will need to submit all relevant evidence and explain in what way you believe the Recruitment Principles have been breached. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • The Department or agency to which your recruitment complaint relates
  • Your contact details and preferred method of contact
  • A brief summary of your concerns and how you feel the Recruitment Principles have been breached
  • Details of how the department has handled your concerns
  • An indication of how you would like the issue to be resolved


Please submit your complaint to:

Civil Service Commission
1 Horse Guards Road


Telephone:  020 7271 0831


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