Civil Service Commission

Exceptions Forms

Exceptions to the Recruitment Principles 2014 (PDF, 16 pages, 364 KB) are delegated to departments except where the Commission’s prior is approval is required.

The Commission’s prior approval is required for:

  • any appointment by exception at Senior Civil Service Pay Band 2 or above or on a salary above the SCS Pay Band 2 minimum;
  • (in the case of an appointment to an Extended Ministerial Office under Exception 4) the appointment as a civil servant of any individual who has, within the past five years, worked for the Minister (or a party colleague) or the Minister’s political party; or
  • any existing exception appointment beyond 2 years.

When requesting the prior approval of the Commission we suggest departments use the following forms. Failure to use the form may mean important information is missing and it may take longer to receive a decision from the Commission.