Civil Service Commission

Commission FOI responses 2013

December 2013
No requests

November 2013
No Requests

October 2013
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September 2013
No requests

August 2013
Question:  Please tell me:
i. When you hope to produce a Guide on good practice.
ii. The standards currently observed in the most successful Departments.
iii. The standards currently observed in the Cabinet Office.
iv. The enforcement power you possess to take action against Departments that fail to improve their poor standards.
Good practice and enforcement (PDF, 3 pages, 123KB).

July 2013
Question:  Please tell me:
(i) The procedure you follow in auditing recruitment policies and practices in Departments (ii) the dates and findings of your most recent audits of the Cabinet Office and Ministry of Justice.
Auditing Recruitment (PDF, 3 pages, 170KB).

June 2013
No requests

May 2013
No requests

April 2013
Question:  Will you kindly provide me with the following:
Copy of the Rules for Tender and the eventual tender made and awarded by KPMG for Compliance Monitoring. Copy of the Review: The new combined contract represents a significant saving to the public purse. Over the next few months the CSC and KPMG will work together to develop a new principles-based and proportionate approach to monitoring and review to be launched on 1st April 2013.  Do you deal with Civil Service disciplinary? if so kindly send me a copy of the electronic version for the Disciplinary Process.  Can you send me a copy of the Appeals Procedure from the Disciplinary process.
Compliance Monitoring Contract and Disciplinary Procedures (PDF, 2 pages, 184KB).

Question:  If there is a complaint against the below can I ask you to investigate it:
HM Court Service
Legal Aid Agency
HM Revenue and Customs
HM Land Registry
Insolvency Service
Information Commissioner
Charity Commissioner
Do you have a code of Conduct which apply to all of the above and if so please provide me with a copy.   Do you have a complaints procedure dealing with the above and if so please provide me with a copy.  Do you have an Ethnicity and Diversity Policy? If so please provide me with a copy.  Are 2, 3 and 4 compliant with the Parliamentary Ombudsman complaints, equality, diversity and other processes?
Investigations Complaints and Diversity (PDF, 3 pages, 149KB).

March 2013
Question:  Can you please provide details of the following:
Did the department receive any complaints between April 2008 and April 2012 about recruitment by the Serious Fraud Office? If so, how many? How many of these were investigated? What was the outcome of those investigations? Did the department review the Serious Fraud Office’s compliance with the civil service’s recruitment rules at all between April 2008 and April 2012? if so, what was the outcome of this review?
SFO Risk Ratings (PDF, 3 pages, 146KB).

February 2013
No requests

January 2013
No requests


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