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Commission FOI responses 2011


December 2011
Question: Please send me all copies of the Civil Service Code from 2003 to 2009.  Please tell me whether Civil Servants have a duty to raise concerns of a criminal/racist nature under the Civil Service Code.
Civil Service Code (CSC/FOI/11/13)

Question:  I am writing to request data on the exemptions to recruitment principles cited in the annual report 2010/11. Page 24 of the annual report states that there were 40 extensions of short-term appointments without fair and open competition beyond the usual two years set out in the recruitment principles, and 2 short-term appointments of up to two years at pay band 2. I understand that you are unable to release the names of these people. However, please could you split the data by department so I can understand how the pattern differs across Whitehall. Also, in a separate table, please could you split the data by job title so that I can understand the positions that people are going into.     
Exceptions (CSC/FOI/11/12)

November 2011
No requests

October 2011
No requests

September 2011
No requests

August 2011
Question: Will you tell me what the policy about staff whose office may close and being asked to work in another office 30 or so miles away and in excess of 2 hours by public transport, door to door. Is a different policy applied depending upon the grade of the Civil Servant ie Administrative officer, Executive officer and above. Can a junior member of staff be obliged to take up a post such a distance from home. Is the Civil Service obliged to offer a transfer to another department or to offer redundancy?
Mobility (CSC/FOI/11/07)

July 2011
Question: Request for answers to 22 questions:
(i) how many Commissioners have a Science Qualification?
(ii) What are the selection criteria for the recruitment of Commissioners etc
Qualifications (CSC/FOI/11/06)

June 2011
Question: Please could you publish all the correspondence sent in response to a letter dated 4 January 2011 from Paul Laffman, Head of Employee Relations at the Identity and Passport Office, to Barry Forrester at the Office of the Civil Service Commissioners. The letter seeks advice on what action should be taken in relation to the 14 people recruited under the ‘friends and families scheme’ who were mistakenly given permanent positions at Liverpool Passport Office.
Correspondence between the Identity and Passport Office and OCSC (CSC/FOI/11/05)

May 2011
No requests

April 2011
(1) Details of all appeals dealt with under the Civil Service Code;
(2) statistical information regards questions on the Code included in departmental staff surveys;
(3) statistical information on the usage of the confidential website for Nominated Officers;
(4) documentation on whether a civil servant’s duties under the Civil Service Code amount to a contractual obligation.
Civil Service Code (CSC/FOI/11/04)

March 2011
Question: Information about how members of the public gain legal redress from a Government Department for breaching the Civil Service Code.
Legal redress (CSC/FOI/11/02)

February 2011
No requests

January 2011
No requests


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