Civil Service Commission

Departmental Compliance

Every year, the Commission makes an assessment of the extent to which Departments are complying with the Recruitment Principles (the document that interprets the legal requirement to select people for appointment to the Civil Service on merit, following a fair and open competition).  As well as fulfilling the Commission’s legal duty, the compliance monitoring work enables the Commission to pick up systemic developments in recruitment practice across the Civil Service, to note, identify and spread good practice and mitigate risks of future non-compliance.

We make our assessment on the basis of information collected from Departments about their recruitment in the previous year and about the systems they have in place  to support future recruitment.  In some cases we visit Departments to get a more detailed picture of their recruitment; in others; the data supplied by the Department is enough for us to reach an assessment.  Since 1995, the data collection and much of the analysis for this compliance monitoring work has been contracted out, most recently (since April 2013) to KPMG.

We use four risk ratings to assess Departments: green, amber/green, amber/red and red.

For 2014-15, the majority of Departments (67, representing 94% of total Civil Service recruitment) were assessed either as ‘green’ or ‘amber/green’, but there were 7 (representing 6 % of total recruitment) that were assessed as ‘red’ or ‘amber/red’.  The Commission follows up on these high-risk Departments, giving them an action plan for improvement and asking them to report back on progress.

Indicative ratings of Departments alphabetically can be seen here.

Indicative ratings of Departments in order of risk assessment can be seen here.

Archived ratings are available here