Civil Service Commission


The Commission can hear complaints from anyone who believes a department has breached the requirements of the Recruitment Principles.

In the first instance, the matter should be raised with the department concerned. If the person who raises the concern is not satisfied with the department’s response, they may bring their complaint to the Commission.

The Commission publishes a guide that outlines its approach to handling a complaint under the Recruitment Principles.

The Recruitment Principles – A guide to bringing a complaint to the Civil Service Commission explains what you should do, how we decide whether to accept your request for a complaint investigation, and how we will go about our investigation.

Before bringing your complaint to us, we advise you consult our guidance on making a complaint.

Complaints should be sent in writing to:

Civil Service Commission
Room G8
1 Horse Guards Road
London SW1A 2HQ
Phone: 020 7271 0831


Outcome of Complaints brought to the Commission