Civil Service Commission

Complaints to The Commission (Civil Service Code)

The Commission’s role in hearing complaints
The Constitutional Reform & Governance Act 2010 outlines the functions of the Civil Service Commission. It gives as one of the functions, in relation to the Civil Service Code:
The Commission –
a) Must determine procedures for the making of complaints and for the investigation and consideration of complaints by the Commission;
b) After considering a complaint, may make recommendations about how the matter should be resolved.

Outcome of complaints brought to the Commission
This section provides details of complaints brought to the Commission since November 2010, when the Constitutional Reform & Governance Act 2010 came into effect.

Our work on hearing complaints is reported in the Commission’s Annual Report and Accounts.  The links for 2012-13 below, and the links for earlier years, lead to the Annual Reports for those years.  Links for subsequent years lead to a table with details of complaints received in that year, with the outcomes.

Some complaints are judged to be outside the remit of the Code, usually because they concerned human resources management issues. A number of cases were referred to other authorities, or were withdrawn before the Commission investigated them. Where there was a complete investigation by the Commission there is a link to the decision notice produced at the end of the investigation.

2018-19 Civil Service Code Complaints

2017-18 Civil Service Code Complaints

2016-17 Civil Service Code Complaints

2015-16 Civil Service Code Complaints

2014-15 Civil Service Code Complaints

2013-14 Civil Service Code Complaints

2012-13 Annual Report and Accounts (see page 67 for Civil Service Code complaints)

2011-12 Annual Report and Accounts (see pages 26-28 for Civil Service Code complaints)

2010-11 Annual Report and Accounts (see pages 27-28 for Civil Service Code complaints)