Civil Service Commission

Civil Service Commission Staff

The Civil Service Commission Secretariat supports the Board of the Commission in fulfilling its statutory duties relating to Civil Service recruitment and upholding the values in the Civil Service Code.

The Secretariat also provides support services to the House of Lords Appointments Commission, the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments and the office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments.

The Secretariat is headed by the Commission’s Chief Executive, Clare Salters.  The Secretariat is organised into five teams, each with a specialism.


Team One

Team one deals with Civil Service recruitment policy, including diversity work and Civil Service recruitment casework. This includes providing support for Commissioners with senior competitions, granting Civil Service exceptions, accreditation of NDPBs and provision of support and advice to Departments.

Bill Brooke                           Team Leader and Principal Adviser

Isabel Fraser

Jennifer Smith


Team Two

Team two deals with the compliance monitoring of Civil Service recruitment. It also deals with complaints under the Civil Service Recruitment Principles.

Sandra Campbell                 Team Leader and Principal Adviser

Carrie Aitken

Dean Ponder


Team Three

Team three leads on the investigation of Civil Service Code complaints and the development of the Commission’s policy in relation to the Civil Service Code policy.

Team three also provides corporate services, including communications, website management, governance, finance, HR, business support and secretariat services to the CSC Board.

Heidi Ferguson                    Team Leader and Principal Adviser

Michaela Greener

Sean Edwards-Playne

Leroy Cargill           

Nicola Carpenter


Team Four

Team four supports the Commissioner Public Appointments and the House of Lords Appointments Commission

Clive Barbour                      Team Leader and Principal Adviser

Alex Morrow

Baljit Rayit


Team Five

Team five supports the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments.

Ekpe Attah                            Team Leader and Principal Adviser

Catherine Millington

Alex Newton

Alex Young   



Chief Executive’s Office

Clare Salters                         Chief Executive

Val Iceton                              Personal Assistant