Civil Service Commission

Civil Service Commission Staff

The staff of the Civil Service Commission supports the Board of the Commission, chaired by the First Civil Service Commissioner, Sir David Normington, in fulfilling its statutory duties.

The Secretariat also supports David Normington in his role as Commissioner for Public Appointments.

In addition, the Commission provides secretariat services to the House of Lords Appointments Commission, and the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments.

The Secretariat is divided into five teams, under the leadership of the Chief Executive, Clare Salters.

Clare Salters
Chief Executive
Clare is responsible for the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the Civil Service Commission. She is head of the Secretariat and the principal policy adviser to the Civil Service Commission, the Commissioner for Public Appointments, the House of Lords Appointments Commission, and the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments.

Business Support and Compliance Monitoring Team

Providing business support across the secretariat and leading on compliance monitoring work for the Civil Service Commission and the Commissioner for Public Appointments.

Sandra Campbell, Principal Policy Adviser
Val Iceton, Personal Assistant
Leroy Cargill, Administrative Officer

Three of the teams are principally focused on supporting the Board of the Civil Service Commission, the Commissioner for Public Appointments and the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments. Each of these teams serves as the principle point of contact for a cluster of departments and agencies and deal with case work for those departments relating to Civil Service Recruitment, Public Appointments, Civil Service Code complaints, and applications under the business appointments rules.  They also provide support to a number of Civil Service Commissioners and Public Appointments Assessors.

In addition, each team has a policy specialism and for this policy area acts as a centre of expertise for the other teams in the secretariat.

Case Work Team One

Policy Specialism: Recruitment, Finance, Governance, Recruitment Standing Committee lead, Audit and Risk Standing Committee lead.

Sharon Foster-King, Principal Policy Adviser
Paul Skinner, Finance Lead
Isabel Fraser, Senior Policy Adviser
Michaela Greener, Senior Policy Adviser
Rajvinder Bahia, Policy Adviser 
Nicola Carpenter, Finance Officer

Leading on all aspects of the Commission’s role as regulator of recruitment into the Civil Service, finance and governance.

Case Work Team Two

Policy Specialism: Public Appointments and Press self-regulation

Terry Willows, Principal Policy Adviser
Jennifer Smith, Senior Policy Adviser
Carrie Aitken, SeniorPolicy Adviser
Baljit Rayit, Policy Adviser 

Leading on supporting the Commissioner for Public Appointments in regulating public appointments and in establishing the appointments panel for press self-regulation.

Case Work Team Three

Policy Specialism: Civil Service Code, Complaints regimes and Communications, Code Committee lead.

Bill Brooke, Principal Policy Adviser
Heidi Ferguson, Senior Policy Adviser
Sean Edwards-Playne, Policy Adviser
Dean Ponder, Policy Adviser

Leading on complaints handling, the Civil Service Code, Communications including websites.

Analytic/Research Team 

Policy Specialism: House of Lords Appointments Commission and Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, FOI and DPA expertise, analysis and research.

Ekpe Attah, Principal Policy Adviser/Head of HOLAC/ACOBA Secretariat
Catherine Millington, Senior Policy Adviser

Supporting the Appointments Commission in its role of making recommendations for crossbench peerages and vetting all nominees to the Lords for propriety; and the Advisory Committee on advising the Prime Minister on business appointments applications from Ministers, the most senior Crown servants and special advisers.  Providing research and analytical support to the secretariat.